About Me

Hello, I’m Shanta!

I began painting 20 years ago as a way to cope with the often tumultuous world inside and around us. As I grew as a person and as my responsibility and appreciation for life expanded, I had no desire to paint the dark images I once needed to paint. I now only paint uplifting images in the hopes of creating a happy, joyous effect on those viewing them, or adding beauty to whatever environment they are displayed in.

I love the interaction between the pigments and the water. It is almost as if they are communicating something to the world that is somewhat beyond this world and the artist is simply supplying the means. There might be a day when I venture into other mediums, but I am still having a love affair with this one. I feel no need yet to venture out unless I perfect this one, which by its nature is impossible.

I intend to always grow as an artist so please stay tuned for new paintings to be added, and please enjoy. For fellow artists out there, I hope you are encouraged and inspired.

– Shanta